I died sorry!

2010-02-05 08:33:11 by Joegame9

I've been gone for a long time, working on other sites, University and other types of work.
I only come on here now to scout musical talent from the audio portal for use on projects and shows.

If you want to look at the work I do and maybe submit to me peices of music you think would work on a project, contact me on here or via my personal site below.

Thanks x


*NEWS FLASH* (29/03/08)
As from today on the SP website, you will be able to request the videos you will see on my YouTube channel!
This will consist of trailers for movies, movie clips, tv footage etc...
All you need to do is log onto the website link below and tell me what u want to see, when it will be aired, and what part of the show, if not all of it etc...
Also, if you want me to make a video just for you... please email me a basic idea and/or a script and i will see it made :D

All the best...

The Empty House!

2008-02-17 06:41:00 by Joegame9

Finally released and with all bugs fixed!

I had a problem with the audio syncing up, but I fixed that!

Full movie made it into the portal with a 'green' Great Score!

Check it out!

The Empty House!

The Empty House!

2008-02-13 18:19:01 by Joegame9

Posted an animation!

A Sci-Fi Thriller!

Let me know what you guys think!

Watch It Here

The Empty House!


2008-02-08 20:31:57 by Joegame9

Hello there!
I been away for a while doing other stuff but I'm back and ready for action!

I am very rapid with my songs and my new 'Ataristep' breed of juices!

Working on a few animations. Probably not a good idea but you'll soon see that it is when I'm done!

Anyway, all the best...